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Yearbook Ordering Information

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order your 2017-2018 yearbook today.

All books are sold online through Jostens from July 2017 through February 2018.  A very limited number of extra books will be for sale at the end of May after all of the pre-ordered books have been handed out.  

Extra books cannot be reserved as we do not know how many we will receive.

Please note that the yearbook ordering and sales process was the same this year as it was during the 2016-2017 school year and will continue to be the same during the 2018-2019 school year.

2017/2018 Yearbook Pricing

$55 If You Order By Aug. 26

$60 Aug. 27 - Feb. 25

$70 Extra books for sale at the end of May

Important Reminders:

Pre-Orders Are Done Through Jostens Only

Badger High School will not be taking money for pre-ordered yearbooks.

Don't Miss Out

Only a very limited number of extra books will be ordered and available for purchase via cash or check in person when the books are delivered in May.

Yearbooks Are Delivered In May

Students who pre-order will receive their book in 5th hour class. Students who are early grad or who move out of Badger can pick up their books in the Main Office at the end of May.


Senior Yearbook Portrait Photographs  and Senior Baby Photos
(read to the bottom for important directions and requirements)

By submitting photographs to the Badger High School yearbook staff you are acknowledging that you are following copyright laws and have the right to use and print the images that you submit.

Class of 2018:
Senior photos are due Monday October 30, 2017.

Late photos will not be accepted.  

Plan ahead and mention the due date to the photographer.  If you do not submit a photo, your student ID photo will be used.

After you have submitted your photo please wait one week for a confirmation email to verify that your photo was received and that it meets the requirements.  If your photo did not meet the requirements please respond by fixing your photo and re-sending the picture in a timely fashion.

If your photographer sent your photo the photographer will receive the confirmation email, so please contact your photographer.  

It is the senior student's responsibility to double check a final list that will be posted by the stairs to fitness center in December.  This is the only way to make sure no mistakes have been made and your photograph is correctly placed in the yearbook.


Your senior photo MUST:

1.  Be a digital file –on CD or emailed

-    The file name – save the file as students full name (as seen in book)

-   CD has student name or names on it

-   Preferred - email file to
Subject of Email - Students Name and Yr. of Graduation

-   File Size – 600 dpi minimum (high resolution) - or it will not be in the book. Above 1500K.

-   Vertical format  (no horizontal images)

-  Format- .jpg (no screen shots or .png files)

2. Follow all school rules
 If it does not we will not be able to put it into the yearbook.

 -   No symbols, sign, logos, or gestures that are not appropriate for school.
(No hats, No clothing that is not school appropriate etc.)

If you can’t wear it or bring it to school you can’t have it in your senior photo.

3. Absolutely NO PAPER FORMAT will be accepted.



  • It's sent in after due date
  • You received an email from us and we have not received a response from you regarding:
    • The photo resolution is not high enough
    • The photo is in the wrong file format
    • The photo is not school appropriate
    •  The photo is not in vertical format

Seniors Baby Photos for Class of 2018:

Put your student’s baby picture in the back of the book with a congratulations statement. 

The cost is $30 (1/8 page) and $60 (1/4 page). 
This charge helps to reduce the final cost of yearbooks for all students.

 Create your own Baby Photo Ad on

Due Date: January 30, 2018

Have the Badger Yearbook Staff create your Baby Photo Ad for you by submitting the following:

What you need: 

-   Photo of your student as a young child or baby

-   Name written on back of the photo + address

-   Envelope with return address (fits your photo size)

-   Self stamped

-   Paper with what you want written by your student’s photo

-   $30 or $60 check written to Badger High  School                                 

-   Write the students name in the memo

-   Or send a digital file to (600dpi resolution)

-   According to how many baby photos are received will determine the size and shape


Reasons why your photo will NOT be accepted:

·         Full $30 or $60 was not paid

·         The photo was not turned in by due date

·         Photo is not school appropriate 

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