3.18.20 Principal Update

3.18.20 Principal Update
Posted on 03/18/2020
3.18.20 Principal Update

Morning/Afternoon -

This Badger Update is to clarify some things about online expectations at this time.  

You’ll see below questions posed by your peers and my response.  Also, I’d like to ask if you are creating music or being creative with your time, please feel free to share a video or audio link with me.

Thank you very much for your patience.  Keep the questions coming if you have them.

Better Never Stops Badger.


Q:  Are the kids needing to sign on at 7:40 a.m.?

A:  No. Students can sign in at any time.  The key is to watch for teacher due dates.  Please be sure to get assignments/projects/etc in during the window teachers give you.  Your total time during the day for online work should not exceed 3 hours total.  

Q: For the online class schedules, is there going to be a live video of our teachers teaching or is it just the amount of time we need to spend in that class?

A:  Great question - not live.  Some will tape or use another style to get information to you. Will not have required time during the day that you have to be on with a specific class.

Q:  I have one question about the schedule you sent out to students, which is when you mentioned 8 period days and block days, is that also online or would school be open at that time?

A:  Online only.  Virtual school.  The school will be open the rest of this week 8 am - Noon if you need to retrieve materials from your locker or PE locker.  Please check in with the main office. Teachers will be available online if you have questions specific to their class. Otherwise, you can reach out to me and I will help find the answer.  

Q:  I'm not exactly sure what the schedule means and I was wondering if you could clarify what time it is gonna start/end or if it is more of a suggestion of how much time to spend per subject.

A:  The schedule is to be a guide.  Teachers will post assignments, etc. in accordance with our usual block day/8 period day.  This means that on M, Th, F, you should expect all 8 classes to have things posted - total time you should have to spend on completion should be 3 hours.  On T and W (starting after Spring Break, you will have Odd classes posting on Tuesday and Even classes posting on Wednesday - for a total of three hours of activity for your day).  You may find that teachers are posting work and just assigning due dates without posting daily. That works. Reason to have an amount of time is to ensure that work assigned is doable within the three hours a day guideline.  

Q:  How will this work? Will we still have to be up by 7:40 or will the school chromebook track how long we’ve been working?

A:  You do not have to be up and online at 7:40 am.  The way to track progress will not be by time, but by task completion.  

Check out Yo Yo Ma - quite the musician and calming sounds:



Jennifer Straus

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